Coronavirus: Confirmed cases near two million

The total number of global cases is approaching 2 million, including more than 119,000 fatalities. More than 448,000 patients are reported to have recovered. Get the latest updates from around the world: Update: This Moment was amended after Johns Hopkins University data was corrected to show that confirmed global cases have not yet reached two million and US cases are under 600,000.
Flag of United States
More than 580,000 cases confirmed in the US
Flag of Italy
Death toll surpasses 20,000 in Italy
Flag of South Korea
Reported cases continue to decline in South Korea
Flag of France
France extends national lockdown to May 11
Earth globe asia-australia
IMF provides debt relief to 25 member countries
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Information from WHO and health agencies
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Information from journalists, health experts, epidemiologists and more

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